what is IrishCoin?
You may have heard much in the news of Bitcoin, a payment and completely digital money system. IrishCoin is a similar de-centralised digital currency, with a focus though predominantly for the Irish tourist sector. We are not striving to replace the Euro or create a new currency. We are instead using the same peer-to-peer crypto currency system as a vehicle to aid and promote the Irish tourism industry among the Irish diaspora in the US, Ireland, and globally. This uniquely sets IrishCoin out differently among the plethora of crypto currencies developing as alternatives to the money system you are used to.

Distribution of IrishCoin
Reserve IrishCoin of 7 percent of the currency will be distributed directly through global organizations, companies and and ventures connected to the Irish tourism industry. IrishCoin distribution will start initially with take up from online Irish social networks like Liveireland.com with over 12,000 US and Irish members eligible to download digital wallets with IrishCoin. Negotiations are already in place with numerous other global Irish networks and we will be publishing more going forward. IrishCoin will also be distributed to businesses as a discount token on purchases where IrishCoin is accepted.

IrishCoin will be working with organisations associated with the tourism, hospitality and pubs and entertainment sector, acting as a discount voucher, and a payment remittance. The uptake in the industry for this purpose will undoubtedly see the value of IrishCoin increase with uptake in time. Growth in tandem with the re-established tourism industry is our goal.

i want Irishcoin now:
You can purchase IrishCoin right now on one of the world's most reputable crypto coin exchanges Cryptopia: Visit and buy now! With growing interest and popularity, IrishCoin will be on more online third-party exchanges where you may purchase coins, as you can purchase any market rarity. You can also join a 'mining pool' in order to participate in group discovery and distribution of IrishCoin. Join the IrishCoin mining pool below and receive IrishCoin to your IrishCoin wallet.
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