Coin Maker
Master Coin maker has been instrumental in the development of IrishCoin. His professionalism with the creation of MazaCoin a national currency for the N. American Lakota Nation left our team in no doubt he was the ideal candidate to assist in the coin's creation.
Dublin Institute of Technology
With much thanks to Andrew H., long marathon overnight programming scripting and server maintenance sessions, his technical direction yielded a crypto currency that is here for the long haul: GitHub
Sean Hyland & Klara McDonnell
Sean of LiveIreland has provided the foresight and direction to ensure IrishCoin is perfectly suited as a stalwart currency for the tourism industry of Ireland. Klara McDonnell, Irish Pubs Ambassador continues to expand the currency into the Irish Tourism and Pub Chains.
Press Release
Dublin sold its first pint of Guinness in exchange for IrishCoin a new peer-to-peer digital currency today. Staff at Darcy McGees Irish Pub Chain have been looking at introducing the digital currency based on Bitcoin for the last few weeks. Much like Bitcoin, IrishCoin is a form of open-source software, held securely in encrypted digital "wallets" without any physical representation like coins or notes - they're simply encrypted digital items. Manager Harry Farrell said this is a unique opportunity to expand our branding to the tourism industry. We hope to draw more visitors to our regional pubs like Arklow in Co Wicklow and offer set discounts and promotions using IrishCoin. Behind the bar, the staff will have a dedicated tablet. They input the amount of IrishCoin or its divisible component “Pingin” to carry out transactions and award customers promotions accordingly. Darcy’s hope to give away IrishCoin to customers helping grow local tourism again.
Ireland's first pint of Guinness sold by crypto-currency
IrishCoin, used to pay for a pint of Guinness a short time ago in Darcy McGee's pub, Dublin, Ireland.
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