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IrishCoin now tradable on OpenBazaar

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IrishCoin is now available on Openbazaar Decentralized Platform With No KYC or Fees!

OpenBazaar has recently opened its fully tradable cryptocurrency platform where traders can buy or sell crypto with their own set margins with no KYC.

There are no fees to pay and no accounts to sign up for. It’s a direct swap of cryptocurrencies between you and the other party, and if you choose a moderated payment then there’s a third party available in case of dispute.

The crypto community on most social channels seemed to like the latest Openbazaar. If you want to buy or sell coins without fees or without signing up for an account, give OpenBazaar a try.

IrishCoin now on IRCEX

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Irish crypto exchange IRCEX has just announced trading pairs with BTC, LTC and GCN with IrishCoin. We are delighted to be featured on this platform. A big thanks to Greg and his team at GCN. More later..

IRL on Nova Exchange based in Sweden.

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Belated Happy New Year. 🙂 Cryptopia is under scheduled maintenance today but give Nova exchange a try. They’re a small set up from Sweden with new management and have KYC / AML for new customers so they must be serious about their future. IRL trading at 0.00000060BTC

Update: 15/01/19 Cryptopia exchange had an ETH hack so are in lockdown mode for the foreseeable future. NZ police are investigating the situation so hopefully, the cryptopia team can get the exchange back up as soon as they fix the breech access.

IRL will be listed on a new Irish crypto exchange IRCEX coming very soon!

IrishCoin POS and merchant listing page.

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IRL coin-to-pay tests currently running at Darcy McGee’s Bar in south Dublin. More updates as we get them on LI radio this Sunday 7:30PM Irish time.

We’re in the process of setting up a dedicated listing page for all merchants of IRL.  We will be also shipping out our new android based mobile point of sale tablet to interested Irish Gifts and Crafts outlets in the next two weeks. The IRL POS tablets work on the new CoinToPay wallet and are pre-loaded with IRL to help merchants get to know how the system operates. IRL POS can be used directly for purchases or discount and promotion opportunities.  If your store or retail outlet is interested in piloting IrishCoin POS contact us here 

IrishCoin news round up.

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IrishCoin has traded over €2 million since January and €50 thousand euro over the weekend. This week IRL reached a high of US $00.02. That’s on one exchange! Not bad for a small market cap coin. As result of this increase in trading activity, IRL is now more dispersed amongst the global trading community than at any time in its 4-year history.  A recent increase in mining activity has inched IRL nearer to the 40,000,000 coins in existence.

Irish News Outlet “The Journal” reports on IrishCoin

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IrishCoin has been gong through some rehash after being in the doldrums for a while. The new interest in cryptos from the general public has now given alt cryptos like IrishCoin new imputus for growth and interest. One of Ireland’s leading news outlets put a piece out today about BTC, ETC and of course IRL:

IrishCoin radio ad reaches 10,000 plays on soundcloud.

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Thanks to the folks at Studio2 in Dublin, IrishCoin’s Radio ad has reached a massive 10,000 plays on soundcloud alone. Radio advertising has been essential in getting IRL out there to the Irish community abroad. Bitcoin and alt crypto currencies are an anomaly to the lay person, we at IrishCoin knew we would have major hurdles in getting the concept across to a wider global audience as well as at home. Between print, digital and radio media we estimate IRL has been exposed to over one million people world wide. This should translate into real usage in time as we roll out on-line and bricks & mortar discount opportunities. As we mark one year from inception on May 17th our objective is to work over the summer months with our new IRL terminal partners (yes tons of trail and errors) to bring real world transactions to the tourist market.