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July 2019

Bitcoin, IrishCoin, Brexit

Bitcoin, IrishCoin, Brexit

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The bitcoin bounce is in with current speculation at a short term high of $14,000. The longterm speculation from well-known btc pundits like Tone Vays and Richard Heart have a price range of 45 to 100K in about one to two years. Alts have been suffering massively with all the focus on btc but we in IrishCoin believe alts will recover in increments with btc prices in excess of 15K. Leading the way will be litecoin and dogecoin both Scrypt coins like IrishCoin. In the short term, we face some cliff edge economic issues in Ireland with brexit which now seems to have legs with the new UK administration. A cliff-edge Brexit regardless of its outcome will have an immediate impact on Irish business and by default hedging of savings into Gold, btc and other instruments. Investors in the crypto markets could use IRL at low prices to ride any momentum which may occur before October 31st.  Of course, all this is purely speculative but IRL is best-suited towards amateur investors looking for low price access to the market where btc is prohibitively expensive in a volatile Brexit situation. Any uptick in prices would be a boon for IRL we could then reinvest in the network. Here’s hoping!

Talk soon, Daithi, IRL team.