November update.

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The crypto scene has been going through one of many corrections in the past few weeks and for those of us who have been involved since the early days, this correction is one of many to come.  Regardless, the use and potential use of crypto now and in the future will drive prices and development to new levels not just on price, but in parts of our lives we could never imagine. IrishCoin was conceived as a go-to token for the Irish tourism industry and although we had some successful pilot programs and now some real-time adoption, crypto use to the general public is a harder nut to crack. The IrishCoin community consisting of miners, buyers, sellers (yes we need them too :D) and developers have kept the idea of an Irish crypto token alive since 2014. With an Irish diaspora worldwide of over 80 million, IRL has some tremendous potential going forward. The fact IrishCoin has survived through thick and thin since it’s 2014 inception is a legacy which drives both speculators and enthusiasts alike. As we go through this current correction there is now more potential for adoption on multiplatform mobile wallets like coinomi etc as the cost of entry will have significantly dropped. This is now our current plan. QT updates will follow also.

On another note: Our advert campaign on Irish radio stations (link here) is reaching in excess of 24,000 listeners per day. The Irish community at home and abroad hears our advert in Irish shops, pubs, and restaurants across the globe.

Ni neart go cur le cheile

IRL crew.