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March 2015

Exclusive offer for LiveIreland members Only! Get Free IrishCoin the new Irish Bitcoin.

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Have you heard of BitCoin? Well now there’s IrishCoin. A new peer to peer digital currency for the Irish community abroad and at home… IrishCoin will get you discounts with online Irish Gift Stores, Irish Pubs, Clubs, shops and Restaurants in Ireland and at Irish businesses near you. To download your digital wallet just follow the instructions below.

If you need help installing below go to our IrishCoin page: here
1. Download the wallet below
Download Windows Client WINDOWS (Some anti virus software may prompt to keep or discard. Ensure your program allows or create an exclusion for this file.)
Download Ubuntu Client Ubuntu Linux. Once downloaded, right-click, Properties, Permissions, Allow executing file as a program.
Download Mac OS Client APPLE MAC
2. Install the software and run it. It will look like the images below.
3. Open the wallet icon or run the software. It will show a few hours behind as it connects to the network.
4. A green arrow at the bottom will show up when its connected
5. Press the Receive button at the top
6. Click on the code under “address” either right click to copy it or click the “copy address” button at the bottom.
7. IrishCoin facebook members: Just send you facebook name and email address to the form below.
LiveIreland members: Send us the code with your liveIreland name and email address using the form below and we’ll send you Free IrishCoins. 

This offer is exclusive to liveIreland members only!!
For more information go to

IrishCoin POS for retail and business

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IrishCoin Point of Sale consoles are to be rolled out from next month amongst approved tourist based retailers in Dublin.. Over 20 million IrishCoins are now in circulation. To avail of this discount token opportunity for your business and drive IrishCoin traffic to your outlet, fill in the application form below and you could be in with a chance to win a free IrishCoin console ready to go! <apply here>

Note: IrishCoin is a 100% totally free service to use at your discretion.
For more information on how IrishCoin can help your business please visit

CryptoCoinNews on IrishCoin

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IrishCoin is not a typical cryptocurrency. Its purpose is not to replace the Euro or to replace fiat in general. It is not a competitor to Bitcoin. Rather, it is meant to support Irish tourism by providing travelers with discounts on things like drinks and accommodations.
Irishcoin logoIrish tourism is a three-billion Euro per year industry, and businesses are always looking for a way to stand out among the many choices that travelers have when they land. More here>>>>

IrishCoin St Patrick’s Day Worldwide Radio Special.

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Radio stations gearing up for St. Patrick’s Day specials

Various radio stations – both traditional and online – are getting ready for some very special St. Patrick’s Day broadcasts.
Dublin-based are expecting to once again be adding new audio servers to handle the increased demand as their busiest day of the year arrives once again.
Their special broadcast goes live at 10:00am Irish time with a 24-hour “music radio fest” live from various locations, including their own South Dublin studios as well as Newfoundland in Canada, London and Chicago.
The station will have live link ups with radio stations and studios from around the world including VOBB FM Newfoundland, Alan O’Leary from CopperPlate in London, Bill Margeson and Imelda Bhroga from WDCB in Chicago and Irish Pubs like the D’arcy McGees Irish Pub Chain in Dublin and Wicklow, as well as live linkups with listeners over Skype and prize giveaways on the day including Irish music CDs and downloads and the “Pot O’Gold” giveaway from Irish crypto-currency IrishCoin. More here>>>>

Guinness and Murphy’s stout for IrishCoin on St Patrick’s Day

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IrishCoin St Patrick’s Day beer and stout at Darcy McGees.
One of the first Pubs to accept IrishCoin on a trial basis was Darcy McGees Pub chain in south Dublin and Wicklow. Irish Coin can be redeemed at the counter via paper wallets for selected merchandise at discount times. The IrishCoin mobile POS system currently under test will be a permanent feature at all of Darcy’s outlets from March 2015.  

IrishCoin joins UnitedCoins of Europe

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IrishCoin joins UnitedCoins of Europe


Dedicated to the standardization, protection and promotion of national and regional cryptocurrencies based on Bitcoin technology for Europe Union

The project is designed to form a functional entity comprising a software platform and a comprehensive infrastructure:

  • UnitedCoins Payment Gateway – Creation of a network of national branch offices for national cryptocurrencies who will be in charge of
    developing in their country under the brand name of its
    cryptocurrency and a common brand UnitedCoins
  • Network of ATMs for UnitedCoins – Network of ATMs for cash transactions deposits, withdrawals and exchanges connected to Crown-EX
  • UnitedCoins Stocks – Multi currency stock exchange / crowd funding platform
    for cryptocurrencies of UnitedCoins
  • UnitedCoins CryptoBank – Cryptocurrency bank for providing standard bank services in cryptocurrencies (loans in cryptocurrencies and investment funds for projects on UnitedCoins Stocks)